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Diploma in Purchasing and Supplies Management

Title of the program
Diploma in Purchasing and Supplies Management

Admission requirements
To qualify for admission to DPSM Programme, a candidate must have obtained either of the following:
CATEGORY 1    KCSE Mean Grade C (plain) or above with at least C- (minus) in Mathematics ‘in English or Kiswahili, Commerce or Economics or Accounting
CATEGORY 2    KCE Mean Grade Division III with a pass in mathematics or Commerce or Economics or Accounting and a pass in English or Kiswahili
CATEGORY 3    A Level with a principal pass and a subsidiary
CATEGORY 4    A Degree from any recognized University
CATEGORY 5    KCSE Mean Grade C- (minus) or KCE Division III and professional Certificate from recognized institutions
CATEGORY 6    Be a holder of any other qualification accepted by the University College academic board

Duration of Study
a)    The Diploma programme will be offered on full time and part time basis during evenings and weekends.
b)    The duration of the course is two (2) academic years comprising four (4) semesters of fifteen (15) weeks each inclusive of industrial attachment and Project writing.
c)    Intake periods will be in the months of January, May and September of every year
d)    A student should complete and pass all the units for DPSM Programme in order to graduate and obtain a Diploma certificate
General objectives or expected learning outcomes
By the end of training, this programme is expected to:
a)    To enhance self-confidence  and ability to critically evaluate procurement and supply chain management issues from academics and practical perspectives
b)    To provide students with requisite professional knowledge for advancement to enable them effectively take leadership and management positions in purchasing and supply departments.
c)    To inculcate students with self-reliance, problem-solving attitude, work ethics, integrity and competence so that they may be active participants in the creation of new wealth and proper management of organizations resources.
d)    To create potential for further training in their field of purchasing and supplies management.

Career prospects
It will prepare graduates for careers in public, private and non-governmental sectors and will also create the potential to pursue further training in the field of logistics, purchasing, inventory and supplies managements.